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IdleAire to recharge?

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. -- IdleAire, the truckstop no-idle electrification provider that pulled the plug on its operations last month, might not be ready to call it quits after all.

"Due to popular demand from fleets, professional drivers, and all of our valued customers, a new group is working to restart IdleAire service," reads a new message spotted by on the company's homepage.

The company says new information will be posted on the site as it becomes available.

The company was saved from Chapter 11 in 2008 after being bought by a coalition of investment firms for $10 million. But a rough ride in the current economy and what the company said was "extremely mild weather across the nation" reducing demand for its services, forced controllers to announce they would be shutting down when they couldn't find a buyer for the assets.

IdleAire operated 131 locations in 34 states, providing filtered heating and air conditioning, electrical outlets, and a range of communications and entertainment options that allowed long-haul truck drivers to shut down their engines instead of idling for cab comfort during daily rest periods.

It was looking to move into Canada, although expansion targets were repeatedly missed over the years. 

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