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In-cab ELD hardware

EROAD is the first company to offer permanent in-cab hardware as part of a comprehensive electronic logging device (ELD) system.

Launched in New Zealand back in 2000, EROAD is a specialist in compliance, operational, and road-use and fuel-tax management technology. Three years ago it entered the North American market, in Oregon, with the first approved electronic Weight/Mile Tax (WMT) service.

Its ELD answer, introduced at the recent TMC convention, features an in-vehicle device with simple display and transfer capabilities for facilitating roadside enforcement and reducing administrative time and paperwork. With minimal training, drivers and fleet managers can monitor hours-of-service records with summaries and reports of on-duty status, rests, and resets.

The new ELD provides fleet managers the ability to review and edit logs that drivers can accept on the in-vehicle display. Using a software-as-a-service platform, it provides additional compliance and operational solutions including fuel-tax management, GPS tracking, and driver performance monitoring.

The company claims that app-based ELD solutions face a number of issues including poor Bluetooth connectivity, battery dependence, and a lack of a permanent compliant connection to the truck.

The EROAD ELD has undergone rigorous internal and third-party testing procedures and protocols, the company says. FMCSA approval is imminent.

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