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Keen-eyed BCTA Member Finds Stolen Chassis

Andrew Anderson, general manager of BC operations at Sylvite Transportation Group.

LANGLEY, BC — Andrew Anderson of Sylvite Transportation Group says he’s in the habit of looking at every truck on the road. And his vigilance helped recover a stolen 2006 Hyundai chassis on April 17.

Just before the long weekend, Anderson got an alert from the BC Trucking Association (BCTA) that fellow BCTA member, Team Transport Services had reported the theft of a chassis and container from a location in Surrey.

Anderson says he always reads all the details of the alerts because he watches for trucks anyway, out of habit.

“On the way home from work that evening, I noticed an empty chassis in the truck pullout just down the road from my house in Maple Ridge,” he said. “It didn't have a container like the description had indicated, but I pulled in anyway and sure enough, the unit number matched.”

He called the RCMP and reported the stolen chassis, then got on the phone with Bob Simpson from Team Transport. Simpson said he’ll send a truck right away to pick up the chassis and the RCMP agreed not to impound it.

“We were delighted to learn that Andrew found the chassis so quickly, especially as its licence plate number was different from the one reported and this was right before the long weekend, when most people would be thinking about their time off and not stolen equipment. Kudos to Andrew for being proactive, community minded and on the ball,” the folks at BCTA said in a written bulletin.

Anderson commented: “I was happy I could help and encourage all members to print and post these alerts or forward them to their staff. We're all crazy about trucks in this business so there’s lots of eyes and ears out there to lend a hand."

Anderson serves on BCTA’s Board of Directors and is general manager of BC operations for Richmond-based Sylvite Transportation Group Ltd.

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