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Lawsuit Threatens Vancouver Container Truckers’ Resolution

VANCOUVER, BC — Thirty-three Lower Mainland drayage companies have filed a lawsuit against Port Metro Vancouver and the federal government over the recent dispute resolution with the port’s container truckers.

The trucking companies claim that the federal government did not have the right to require provincially regulated trucking companies to comply with the 2005 Ready Memorandum of Agreement and its rate schedule and any changes related to it.

“As a result of the Defendants unlawfully requiring that the Plaintiffs to pay the MOA Load Rates, as amended from time to time, the Plaintiffs have suffered and will continue to suffer loss and damages,” the civil claim states.

Late in February, over 1,000 container truckers walked off the job for a month because of long wait times at the port’s terminals, undercutting and rates. Container truckers returned to work after a 15-point action plan was agreed upon. Part of the plan was an increase of 12 percent to rates.

Israel Chafetz, one of the lawyers on the case, told the Vancouver Sun: “The port increased (rates) as a condition of licence, where the trucking companies had no involvement at all.”

While not part of the legal action, Suzanne Wentt, owner of Indian River Transport told Today’s Trucking that carriers were by-passed in negotiations: “Owners have not been engaged. We have not been asked to negotiate, to come to any talks or meetings. They can’t force a rate structure on us. I pay the driver, not the port, but they don’t want to engage with us for whatever reason.”

Chafetz commented: “It’s not an issue of how fair or unfair the rate is; the issue is the authority to set a rate.”

The civil claim states that the trucking companies have complied with the port’s and government’s “unlawful and unconstitutional requirements” in order to carry on with their business and trade, but that they “have suffered loss and damage and continue to suffer loss and damage.”

The legal claim aims to overturn the deal’s per-container fee increases and compensate carriers for damages, but an exact amount is not given in the lawsuit.

The defendants— Vancouver Fraser Port Authority , Port Metro Vancouver and the federal government—  have 21 days to file a response to the civil claim.

While 14 of the 33 trucking companies part of the lawsuit are members of the BC Trucking Association (BCTA), the BCTA itself is not involved in the lawsuit.

The trucking companies suing are:

  1. Pro West Trucking Ltd.,
  2. Trend Transport Ltd.,
  3. A C Transport Ltd.,
  4. A-Can Transport Ltd.,
  5. Aheer Transportation Ltd.,
  6. Amalgamated Transport Systems Inc,
  7. Amk Carriers Inc.,
  8. Best Can Trucking Ltd.,
  9. Black Swan Trucking Inc.,
  10. Can American Ltd.,
  11. Ferndale Transport Ltd.,
  12. Future Trucking Ltd.,
  13. Gantry Trucking Ltd.,
  14. Gulzar Transport Inc.,
  15. Hap Enterprises Ltd.,
  16. Inter Canadian Trucking Ltd.,
  17. Jete's Lumber Company Ltd.,
  18. Mdw Express Transport Ltd.,
  19. Olympia Transportation Ltd.,
  20. Port Transport Ltd.,
  21. Prudential Transportation Ltd.,
  22. Rideway Transport Ltd.,
  23. Sandhar Trucking Ltd.,
  24. Sea Ville Transport Logistics Ltd.,
  25. Sidhu Services Ltd.,
  26. Sunlover Holding Co. Ltd.,
  27. T S D Holdings Inc.,
  28. Unique Trucking Ltd.,
  29. United Coastal Logistics Ltd.,
  30. Road Star Container Service Inc.,
  31. Grl Freightw Ays Ltd.,
  32. Ty's Trucking Ltd.,
  33. Sahir Trucking Ltd.
View the notice of civil claim here:

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This should set the rates for trucking in Canada

Ken webster

many truck drivers and owner-op were considering coming back to trucking one used truck buyer said used truck prices jumped after the strike was over those drivers are selling those trucks for export and getting other operator and trade jobs instead. The trucking co.(s) show by this action they want to continue to pay 35 to 40 cents per mile and unpaid waiting time. Many union operators and tradesmen are making $30.00 per hour plus overtime. On some job sites they get paid for waiting time and paid for half a day when sent home due to rain or snow. They sleep a hotel that is paid for or their own bed . This deal should have been the standard for driver pay across the us and Canada

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