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Mack's Vision supporting uptime

MONTREAL, QC – Those who pull into a service bay in one of Mack’s six certified uptime centers in Canada can thank one dealer in particular for the steps taken to diagnose a challenge.

The triage process -- used to identify the nature of repairs and ensure quicker work is not delayed behind more time-consuming projects – was developed by the Vision Truck Group, said Dayle Wetherell, vice president – Mack Trucks Canada, during a media briefing at ExpoCam.

“They started in the service side of the business,” Wetherell says, referring to the expertise that led to the procedures. “It’s in the process of going through North America.”

There are 88 uptime centers overall.

The detailed diagnostic process includes an initial assessment completed in two hours, and then steers trucks to an uptime bay for shorter diagnostics or repairs, or an advanced bay dedicated to longer repairs.

The uptime model has reduced diagnostic times by 70% and repair times by 21%. Shop efficiency has improved 40%, and typical check-in times have been reduced 40 minutes.

Vision has locations in Mississauga, Stoney Creek, Cambridge, London, and Etobicoke, Ontario. The latter facility has a grand opening scheduled for June 2. But it’s not the only location to see a recent upgrade. Recently upgraded facilities also include dealerships in Quebec City, Montreal, and Laval, Quebec, and Chilliwack, BC.

The investments haven’t stopped there, though. The manufacturer’s Lehigh Valley Operations are in the midst of an $84-million upgrade of their own.

The brand signified with a hood-mounted bulldog is enjoying a recent share in market growth for core construction, refuse and regional haul segments, too. Last year, it held 8.8% of the market in the U.S. and Canada, but early in 2017 that has grown to 10.1%.

“Later in the year we’ll also have a new product that will address the longhaul segment,” Wetherell said.


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