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Manitoulin Goes Asian; West-To-Asia Lanes To Grow “Exponentially”

MILTON, ON – A division of the Manitoulin Group is expanding into Hong Kong and Mainland China.

Expedite Plus, a 23-year-old time-critical mover that includes Air Expedite as part of its service, was purchased by the Gore Bay, ON-based Manitoulin Group in 2012.

This week, the company announced a new office in Hong Kong as well as service centers in Shanghai and Beijing. The Hong Kong office will serve as a hub serving the continent.

 “Continued economic growth in Asia, global competition, and the changing purchasing behavior of the market, are all fuelling demand for our services and we expect the West-to-Asia and intra-Asian lanes will become exponentially busy in the years to come,” said Dwayne Hihn, President, Expedite Plus. 

"Our presence in China broadens our coverage in Asia which enables us to meet those demands.  Speed and reliability are essential in business today and we are one of only a handful of companies with the expertise and reach to manage shipments across the world at a moment's notice."

"As part of the Manitoulin Group of Companies, Expedite Plus now provides customers in Asia with the advantage of easy access to the Group's full portfolio of best-in-class offerings, superior customer service, and global reach," said Gord Smith, Chief Executive Officer, Manitoulin Group of Companies. "This provides them with a one-stop-shop for all their transportation needs and a true business partner."

"At Expedite Plus we know the meaning of time-critical delivery," said Devon Bovenlander, managing director, Expedite Plus Asia.  "It can mean getting your automotive part on time, or losing hundreds of thousands of dollars in production downtime.  Whether shipping to or from Tianjin or Toronto, or anywhere else in the world, Expedite Plus has the reliable global network, intricate co-ordination capabilities, and local knowledge and experience to get your package safely to its destination within a matter of hours."

Expedite Plus' customers include Fortune 500 companies primarily in the technology, fashion retail, automotive, aerospace, and oil and gas sectors. 


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