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Maxim Charity BBQ Raises Over 10K per Hour

WINNIPEG, MB — In just two and a half hours, Maxim Truck & Trailer raised $26,500 for charity at its annual BBQ.

Maxim’s 11-member team will walk 20 km on June 7th as part of the CancerCare Manitoba Foundation Challenge.

The team had originally set a fundraising goal of $11,500, but have since raised $47,000.

About 800 attended the annual BBQ on held on May 22 and raised $26,500 — setting a new record. 

Maxim President Doug Harvey commented: “Though we can give the weather some credit, we really couldn’t have had such a successful event without the unwavering and continually generous support of our vendors, suppliers, customers, employees, and everyone who came out.”

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