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Medical Clinic Promises Truckers No Wait Time

KITCHENER, ON—Sitting endlessly in the doctor’s sterile-looking waiting room while you wait for a provincial license or DOT-mirrored medical exam might just be one of life’s top-ranked annoyances, right up there with sitting in traffic and sitting at the dock all day.

That’s why DriverCheck, a provider of workplace medical testing and assessments, opened the first Canadian transportation clinic, exclusively for drivers. And get this, DriverCheck promises no wait time for their provincial license or DOT-mirrored medical exams.

“This clinic was designed specifically for truck drivers.  It’s a rest stop where drivers can get their mandatory physical exam completed, use the internet to arrange to pick up their next load, and grab a cup of coffee,” says Dr. Chris Page, the company’s founder and president.

Not only that, but it looks a lot more comfortable than your average doctor’s clinic, too. The newly renovated clinic boasts three big-screen TVs mounted on a wall in the waiting room, a row of lounge chairs, and a coffee bar; bar stools and all.

And drivers who get their medical completed at the clinic will also have their name entered into a draw for a Harley motorcycle.

Page is an emergency physician who helped develop four urgent care clinics, three of them in Waterloo Region and one in Ottawa, but never before one to give quick and easy access to driver medical exams in Ontario.

 “The clinic is staffed by people who understand that drivers work very hard, that their time is important, and their needs unique,” Page says.  “Our exams are administered by emergency doctors who specialize in cross-border issues, who are familiar with provincial driver’s licencing exams, and who know the requirements. Plus, truck drivers don’t have to wait several weeks to see their family doctor.”

The transportation clinic, which also offers other occupational health services, is located at 31 McBrine Drive, Unit 8 in Kitchener. 

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On May 21 2014 FMCSA passed the NRCME requiring all commercial driver medical examiners to become certified and listed on the national registry. Is a similar rule applicable in Canada? http://urgentcarementor.com/category/occupational-medicine-2/dot-exams/

It is DriverCheck's understanding that currently this Registry has no applicability in Canada and therefore there is no impact on drivers or medical examiners as of yet, as the Canada/U.S. medical reciprocity agreement is still in effect. However, the U.S. has reserved the right to change their mind on this if they so decide. Stay tuned!

I totally agree with the article,cause my husband is a truck driver's. Truck driver's do work hard. They deserve this clinic. I hope they will put one of these clinic's in saskatchewan.

when i was hired years ago by laidlaw carriers they sent me to an apt they made for me for a drivers medical. it was an intence test in sound proof room etc. i passed the medical and started work for laidlaw. they were a good company to work for.