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Meritor Expands Product Offerings

LAS VEGAS — A hefty package of new stuff from Meritor was launched this week at the Heavy-Duty Aftermarket show, so we'll waste no time getting into it:

First up is a new electronic parts ordering system, Meritor says it's their most advanced, user-friendly electronic catalog, replacing their previous e-commerce system, Navigation is much more intuitive, and Meritor said it designed the pages to be easier to read allowing for a simple transition from parts searches to order entry.

The new system will also feature new product info, promotions, improved parts comparisons, batch cross-reference upload, and, notably, a 3D 360 degree rotating and zoom product photography. There's also an upload template for both stock and emergency orders, with a quick order feature. You can also pull from your historical data if you need to re-order any purchases.

More features are slated for the fall of 2013, including a recommended up-selling and cross-selling module, and an ad-maker for dealers and distributors.

Current XpresswayPlus users can continue to use their existing log-in credentials and any established reporting will transition with the user’s account.

Shock Absorbers, Suspensions and Drivetrains

Next up, two new product series that the company said were developed to meet customer demand: Meritor AllFit and Meritor Green. “Meritor AllFit will serve as our Meritor all-makes family, and Meritor Green will become our Meritor remanufactured offering,” explained Terry Livingston, general manager, Global Product Management and Shared Services, Aftermarket & Trailer.

Under the AllFit series will be shock absorbers, suspension and all-makes drivetrain — all of which are product expansions for Meritor.

Also under the AllFit banner is a portfolio of truck and trailer suspension controls, including ride height controls, load scale, lift axle controls, dump valve units and single axle dump systems.

Meritor said that the product series addresses the all-makes market segment demanded by fleets, owner-operators and installers for all-makes suspension controls. The company said their research indicated that truck operators of all sizes – fleets, owner-operators, plus installers – rely heavily on their various suppliers for such components as suspension controls. This, Meritor said, provides customers with a "one-stop shopping alternative."

Meritor noted that its sister company, Euclid, has carried these products for some time.

New Lined Brake Shoes Get Coating

Meritor is making PlatinumShield II coating available for its new lined aftermarket brakes. The coating will be available on all new, lined brake shoes, except those with EG and EG2 friction materials. This, too, was a request from customers, Meritor said.

Unlined brake shoes will continue to be available with black e-coat paint only.

Previously, the coating, which is designed to fight rustjacking corrosion caused by harsh winter road salt and solvents, was available only on remanufactured brake shoes for the aftermarket and Original Equipment (OE) truck and trailer brake shoes.

Meritor says that the coating resists micro-abrasions caused by the movement of the brake lining against the shoe table during normal use. Rustjacking occurs when rust forms on bare shoe metal under the lining, causing the lining to lift and crack, Meritor said.

The warranty against rustjacking will be identical to that of the remanufactured shoes: three years/300,000 miles (parts only). The company will replace any new lined brake shoe with PlatinumShield II coating, purchased from Meritor Aftermarket, that exhibits signs of rustjacking. Aftermarket part numbers for Meritor new lined brakes shoes and shoe box kits have not changed.

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