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Meritor Truck Coming to Toronto to Dish Out Training

TROY, MI — On August 13, Meritor is sending one of its Nissan NV 3500 training trucks to deliver product and systems education to Toronto’s warehouse folk, garages and fleets.

“We want to help truck operators safeguard their drivers, vehicles, productivity and business by making sure their brakes and tires are up to regulatory standards,” said Terry Livingston, Meritor’s manager, Global Product Management and Shared Services, Aftermarket & Trailer earlier this year at the Heavy Duty Aftermarket Week Conference in Las Vegas, where the trucks were unveiled.  

The goal is to assure trucking companies of all sizes that they’re using the right parts to ensure proper vehicle stopping power and minimize or eliminate specific Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) violations.

Since January, more than 731 truck technicians (229 city wide—502 with the vans) have experienced the new training trucks and the city-wide training seminars. In addition, Meritor’s district managers train scores of technicians at their local businesses.  

“We’ve been hearing loud and clear that our customers — the warehouse distributors, OE dealers and fleets —want more product education,” said Rick Martin, senior manager, aftermarket training, Meritor. “During the first 12 months, training will focus on braking systems, which will help the industry manage through changes and new demands.”

Training will cover regulations established by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). The curriculum will include an overview of the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS 121) stopping distance requirements, reduced stopping distance regulations and the new compliance and safety accountability (CSA) structure. 

The most common questions are on the new FMVSS121 stopping distance change and how that affected new trucks/tractors/trailers and questions on Reduced Stopping Distance brakes.

The trucks are equipped with video monitors and working air systems boards, as well as actual brake hardware. For hands-on training purposes, each van will have actual cam and air disc brake hardware, friction and wheel ends, air valves, air dryers, Meritor WABCO stability control systems, electronic diagnostics, automatic traction control, anti-lock brakes and collision mitigation systems.

The company will offer two styles of training sessions:

• City-wide training with two three-hour sessions covering eight distinct brake subjects at hotels in select major cities, conducted by Rick Martin
• One-on-one clinics at fleets, dealerships and warehouse distributor locations across the United States and Canada, conducted by DriveForce district managers. 

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