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Mitsubishi 200 Amp Alternator

Mitsubishi Electric introduced a new member to its family of alternators at Mid-America: the Diamond Power A200 (DP A200) alternator for heavy-duty trucks. It features many new technologies, earning five new patents.

Key features and benefits of the alternator include the highest efficiency rating among major 12v heavy-duty alternators in North America, providing improved fuel economy. It's said to weigh 6.8 lb (24%) less than the closest competitor.

The alternator provides 137 amps of output at engine idle speed and it features “remote-sense” and “5 wire” technology. The manufacturer says it has extreme heat tolerance, exceeding all North American OEM requirements.

The Diamond Power A200 requires minimal engine horsepower to operate, making it energy-efficient. With less drag on the engine, it achieves a significant reduction in fuel consumption.

It's designed to last more than a million miles, the company says, and comes with a 3-year/unlimited mile Diamond Gard warranty. It offers major advances in corrosion protection, vibration resistance, and heat tolerance. Battery life is extended with remote-sense capability and reduced deep cycling, and by maintaining full output at very high temperatures.

Both the DP A200 and DP A160 (released last year) are currently available for replacement and upgrade applications through regular dealer and independent aftermarket distribution channels in the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

These two PAD-mount, brushless, 5-wire alternators are bolt-in replacements for any existing alternator on all engines with the PAD mount feature, which includes nearly all truck/engine combinations manufactured in North America since 2007.

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