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Money In Motion Raises Money With Emotion

FAMILY IN MOTION: Erin, Alf and Kurtis Chisholm

SUDBURY—A heavy-duty-equipment leasing company called Money in Motion celebrated its 25th anniversary earlier this month. 

But rather than draw attention to its own (remarkable) growth, the good-hearted folks behind Money in Motion opted to shine a spotlight on an unusual fundraising project designed to make high-tech medicine easier for kids to swallow.

Kicx for Kids is a $250,000 renovation project that will help transform a sterile-looking treatment room into a place where kids who need this kind of treatment feel comfortable. Picture making a hospital operating room feel like Disneyland.

Specifically the specialized treatment room is in the Pediatric Unit at Sudbury’s Health Science North Hospital, which serves all of Northern Ontario.

Money In Motion was started in Sudbury in July, 1989, overtop a very well known local restaurant called Gloria’s, by Alfred and Susan Chisholm.

Recognizing that small business owners faced special challenges when it came to financing, the Chisholms started carving out their niche.  The company has since grown to become one of the largest equipment-leasing agents in Canada, with seven branches. “If it generates revenue, we will lease it,” the company website advertises.

These days, while Alfred Chisholm remains at the helm, his son Kurtis and daughter Erin have assumed vice presidential roles.

And growth has been continuous. Most recently, Money in Motion bought Breakers and Drills in Sudbury an OEM manufacturer.

You can read more about the Kicx For Kids Campaign here. 

You can read more about  Money in Motion at

OPERATION CHEERFUL: What the treatment centre could look like
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