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More Goods Riding on the Back of Trucks

TORONTO — February 2014 had the highest recorded year-over-year increase in volume of goods transported by truck – an increase of 60 percent, according to TransCore Link Logistics’ Canadian Freight Index.

On a daily average, loads for February were four percent higher than the record-breaking ones Canadian truckers had in January. But since February was a shorter month, overall, February’s total load volumes dipped by five percent.

Here’s where the goods are coming from:

  • 71 percent of all load volumes were cross-border
  • 24 percent were loads travelling within Canada

“Cross-border loads originating in Canada destined to the U.S. jumped significantly by 83 percent year-over-year,” TransCore states.

And there were 59 percent more U.S. loads travelling to Canadian provinces in Feb. 2014 than in Feb 2013.

Where do the U.S. goods arrive?

  • 58 percent in Ontario
  • 23 percent in Western Canada
  • 17 percent in Quebec
  • Two percent in Atlantic Canada

As for Canadian loads travelling from one province to another, they were up 40 percent compared to the same time last year.

Where do they originate?

  • 51 percent from Western Canada
  • 29 percent from Ontario
  • 16 percent from Quebec
  • Four percent from Atlantic Canada

Where are they unloaded?

  • 41 percent in Western Canada
  • 35 percent in Ontario
  • 21 percent in Quebec
  • Three percent in Atlantic Canada


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