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National Safety Code 11 Adopted by Ontario – Finally!
From Don’s Desk:
Last week I received a letter from the Carrier Enforcement Branch of the Ministry of Transportation for the Province of Ontario (MTO) advising that they are adopting National Safety Code 11B (NSC 11B). This part of the NSC outlines the requirements for commercial vehicle safety inspections (vehicles ≥ 9,921 lbs / 4,500 kg), and the MTO intends to implement it on July 1, 2011 with "soft" enforcement and optional use of the current inspection criteria until July 1, 2013 for all annual inspection. After that date it will be mandatory to use NCS11B for all annual safety inspection.
This is important for all of our member manufacturing companies and commercial vehicle users, because it will make mandatory, during an annual inspection in the province of Ontario, the need to have a completed vehicle compliance label for vehicles completed by an OEM, or an incomplete vehicle compliance label and a final stage compliance label for vehicles completed in more than one stage. Where these vehicles are completed by Canadian domiciled companies, the labels must include the company's National Safety Mark (NSM) and where these vehicles are imported the labels must have the statement of compliance in both English and French. In either case the companies will be registered as vehicle manufacturers with Transport Canada.
The reason this is so important to the CTEA is that it shows for the first time (other than with SPIF vehicles) an initiative by a provincial government to recognize the need for a commercial vehicle to be manufactured to the requirements of the Canadian Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Act and Regulations. Now, a province will be helping to ensure that vehicles placed on our highways are built to the minimum safety standards defined by those regulations. This also helps ensure that our members, who have played by the rules, will have a level playing field in the province of Ontario when they build compliant vehicles.
Alberta also has similar plans and we hope all of the other provinces will be updating their inspection criteria shortly to NSC 11B in order to provide the same level of safety across Canada.
Kudos to the MTO and the Province of Alberta!!
Don Moore
Executive Director
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Why do Roll off and Lugger Manufactures in Ontario get away with not haveing NSM Nobody check companies to see if they have a NSM these manufactures are installing unit every day and nobody cares that they dont have NSM it is great to come out with new laws but if it is not inforced it is just a joke there are hunderds of roll off and Lugger truck on the QEW and half of them are made in a back yard garage!!!!!!!!!


How will this affect the average driver or O/O?

Harold Markle

Don Good news but the word soft enforcement concerns me.

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