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Navistar campaign touts EGR over competing solution

CHICAGO -- Saying it wants to "clear the air" over the competing emission reduction technologies, Navistar says it will offer customer seminars, public Webinars and trade advertising that addresses the "fuel economy, cost-of-ownership and operational impacts of each NOx-reduction technology path."

The new marketing campaign pushes the company's claimed benefits of EGR over SCR, the latter of which is the chosen technology that all truckmakers but Navistar are going with to meet 2010 rules.

The company contends that its in-cylinder solution utilizing advanced EGR will be cheaper than SCR systems and doesn't require the additional DEF after-treatment solution and hardware SCR includes.

"Because we’re the only truck and engine maker that can offer a solution without complex after-treatment, we need to be aggressive in giving the industry all the facts," said Jack Allen, president of Navistar’s North American Truck Group.

Navistar points out that its system "keeps emissions compliance with the OEM, whereas SCR puts the burden of compliance on vehicle owners." (Drivers of SCR equipment will be responsible for filling the system with DEF).

But other truckmakers contend that Navistar is grossly overstating the system's dependability on drivers and truck owners, noting that filling DEF tanks is no more of a burden that filling "windshield washer fluid tanks" and that a portable 2.5 gallon container will carry a truck about 800 miles.

Companies like Volvo and Daimler Trucks also point out that SCR engines will be the first engines to reduce emissions and fuel economy at the same time, where as EGR engines are expected to keep carrying a 2-4 percent fuel economy penalty.


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