Fleet Ops: Fuel Efficiency
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Nearly 60% of fleets plan truck orders

COLUMBUS, Ohio – SCR has taken the early lead in the engine emissions marketing race, according to CK Commercial Vehicle Research.

"The responses we have been receiving from our fleet advisors indicates that as they are making the decision, all but a small percentage of the group that regularly reports to us have determined that SCR offers them more benefits than the Advanced EGR technology," says Chris Kemmer, CKCVR’s founder. "There does still remain a significant percentage that have yet to make up their mind, but the trend is definitely towards the SCR brands."

The Q1 2011 Fleet Sentiment Report Buying Index measures the planned buying behavior of for-hire, private and government fleets responding to CKCVR’s Fleet Sentiment quarterly questionnaire.

In January 2011, 58 percent of respondents indicated they were planning to place orders for power equipment during the next three months with 42 percent planning to place trailer orders during the same period.

Average planned order size, as a percentage of current equipment inventories, is 11.6 percent for power units and 10.4 percent for trailers.  

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