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New Emission Legislation Announced

OTTAWA — Peter Kent, the Federal Conservative’s point man on the Environment, used a visit to Transport Robert in Boucherville to announce his government’s new big-truck low-emission rules.

While the move might be news to the general public, truckers are already familiar with the heart of the legislation; as it basically mirrors emission laws already on the books in the U.S.A.

The stated goal of the legislation is to make trucks (and buses) up to 23-percent less polluting over the next six years.

The new measures come into affect starting with 2014 trucks.

According to Reuters news service, Kent says that the lower-emission goals will be attainable using features that are already available such as “fuel-efficient engines, aerodynamic cabs and idle-reduction technologies that are available right off the shelf."

"We expect this to translate into total greenhouse gas emissions reductions of about three megatons annually in 2020 - equivalent to removing about 650,000 personal vehicles from the road," he said.

Transport Robert has blazed numerous emission-reduction trails, most notably with the recent purchase of 180 liquefied natural-gas-powered rigs.

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