Fleet Ops: Human Resources
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New Tool Helps Fleets Plan for Future

OTTAWA, ON — Do you have the right people for the right job? Trucking HR Canada launched an interactive tool for fleet managers to maximize employee skills and help fleets plan for the future.

The Succession Action Plan, available for available $60 plus tax, helps plan out company priorities, look after succession planning, monitor the depth of skill in your company, and address gaps in employee skill sets.

According to Angela Splinter, Trucking HR Canada’s CEO, over 600 fleet managers already use the organization’s online ‘HR Circle Check’, which identifies strengths and gaps in their existing HR practices.

“Fleets which enhance the skills of existing employees will always be better prepared to address future opportunities, and help to retain the skilled personnel who are vital to their success,” Splinter said.

Users also receive free material from Your Guide to Human Resources manuals to develop good HR practices and transfer knowledge and skills in your workplace.

“The challenge of attracting and retaining skilled employees affects every role in the workplace,” Splinter said.


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