The Lockwood Report: a bi-weekly report on the industry's newest products and services, collected and written by Rolf Lockwood. Plus recent goodies that you may not have seen before, such as worthy items that didn't get much of a marketing push at the time of their introduction. We'll cover it all.
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The Lockwood Report
(Sendout Date - July 04, 2012) -


July 4, 2012 Vol. 8, No. 14

Well, well, well... it looks as if Navistar is giving up on its 'advanced' exhaust gas recirculation emissions strategy in favor of selective catalytic reduction. So said an article in yesterday's

The Lockwood Report
(Sendout Date - June 20, 2012) -


June 20, 2012 Vol. 8, No. 13

Let's start with a little fun news, but it's actually more than simple amusement. Much more. Even though – no kidding -- it involves LEGO.

Cummins has launched something it calls...

The Lockwood Report
(Sendout Date - June 06, 2012) -


June 6, 2012 Vol. 8, No. 12

Well, I spoke too soon in last week's Product Watch newsletter. No sooner had I written that things were quiet on the product front than I realized that Freightliner had l...

The Lockwood Report
(Sendout Date - May 23, 2012) -

May 23, 2012 Vol. 8, No. 11

Some big news from this week and last though I’m not going to dive as deeply into them as I might ordinarily do. I’m on holiday, though that seems rather hypothetical since I’m here at the keyboard, aren’t I?

Whining aside,

The Lockwood Report
(Sendout Date - May 09, 2012) -


May 9, 2012 Vol. 8, No. 10

Bet you didn’t celebrate National Biodiesel Day, did you? Yeah, I missed it too. March 18th if you were wondering, and in the U.S. only, of course. If we had a similar Canadian fuel-appreciation day, the only possib...

The Lockwood Report
(Sendout Date - April 25, 2012) -


April 25, 2012 Vol. 8, No. 9

An interesting presentation was scheduled for today at the 2012 SAE World Congress in Detroit by Jen Tran, new technology project engineer at Jacobs Vehicle Systems. We all kno...

The Lockwood Report
(Sendout Date - March 14, 2012) -

March 14, 2012 Vol. 8, No. 6

There's lots going on these days, so let's dig right in. And I'll start with gaseous fuels powering little trucks.

My recent back surgery kept me away from the Work Truck Show in Indianapolis but it seems that natural gas options were big news t...

The Lockwood Report
(Sendout Date - February 29, 2012) -

February 29, 2012 Vol. 8, No. 5

There’s a ‘weasel clause’ at the end of this newsletter in which I state what should be obvious: that I don’t explicitly or implicitly endorse any of the products I write about here. Yes, once a year I declare 10 or so faves but that’s as far as it goes, and I ...

The Lockwood Report
(Sendout Date - February 15, 2012) -

February 15, 2012 Vol. 8, No. 4

Partly because I've just had surgery and can't sit at the keyboard for long, and partly because I've been dying to write about this truck for ages now, I'm going to drop the news and issues orientation of the newsletter this time out. In favour of simple fun. Gearheads of the world, unite!<...

The Lockwood Report
(Sendout Date - February 01, 2012) -

Well, well, well... somebody has put together what looks like a pretty comprehensive strategy that directly links the trucks, the fuel, and the customers just as natural gas is hitting the mainstream. I should have seen this one coming.

Navistar and Cl...

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