The Lockwood Report: a bi-weekly report on the industry's newest products and services, collected and written by Rolf Lockwood. Plus recent goodies that you may not have seen before, such as worthy items that didn't get much of a marketing push at the time of their introduction. We'll cover it all.
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The Lockwood Report
(Sendout Date - May 11, 2011) -

May 11, 2011 Vol. 7, No. 10

You've got to love necessity. It has this wonderfully causal relationship to invention, and bears that child absolutely every time it arises. Like me and a deadline, I guess. The closer it comes, the busier I get, and the better my work. Like an awful lot of us, I suppose, and certainly most jo...

The Lockwood Report
(Sendout Date - April 27, 2011) -

April 27, 2011 Vol. 7, No. 9

Last time out I teased a bit with brief mention of another new engine design, the very intriguing Scuderi split-cycle engine, yet one more variation on the internal-combustion theme. Lord knows how many there have been in the last century and a bit, t...

The Lockwood Report
(Sendout Date - March 30, 2011) -

March 30, 2011 Vol. 7, No. 7

Holy moly, could there be any more to write about than what I see these days? I can't remember a time when this industry was so alive with new technologies and new approaches to the art of trucking. I think I may have written about that notion before, but it just keeps on coming. Truth is, I d...

The Lockwood Report
(Sendout Date - March 16, 2011) -

March 16, 2011 Vol. 7, No. 6

Highlights weren't in short supply at last week's Work Truck Show, which seems to grow every year. It's certainly been drawing a progressively larger press contingent, which isn't a bad indicator of success and consequence. And while ...

The Lockwood Report
(Sendout Date - March 02, 2011) -

March 2, 2011 Vol. 7, No. 5

Well, well, well... Navistar has just thrown us an interesting bone with last week's announcement that it's now involved in the development of an all-new way to power trucks, the 'OPOC' engine.

My first conclusion? It's a great time to be a gearhead ...

The Lockwood Report
(Sendout Date - February 16, 2011) -

February 16, 2011 Vol. 7, No. 4

Well, my few days in Tampa for the annual TMC gathering have come and gone, and useful days they were even if the weather was mostly crap. Every time I turned around it seemed there was someone I wanted to speak with, someone I could learn from. Time w...

The Lockwood Report
(Sendout Date - February 02, 2011) -

February 2, 2011 Vol. 7, No. 3

OK, let's begin the proceedings with a small amusement. First off, have a look at the old sepia-toned picture below. And then help me launch a new game called 'Name That Truck' -- which may never appear again, I must tell you, not least because most of you probably won't have a clue what thi...

The Lockwood Report
(Sendout Date - January 19, 2011) -

January 19, 2011 Vol. 7, No. 2

Learned a lesson the other day. Or re-learned an old one, I suppose, about the nature of people who own and operate trucks. About the real nature of their concerns. And oddly enough, I committed a sin of the sort that I often see others making, one that I often criticize. I mis-read my audie...

The Lockwood Report
(Sendout Date - January 05, 2011) -

January 5, 2011 Vol. 7, No. 1

Wow, can't believe I'm launching the seventh volume of this e-newsletter, this quasi-blog, this thing that's really just an expression of my fascination with the technology of trucking. And I have every reason to think it will endure because we're now in the first year of a decade that will, ...

The Lockwood Report
(Sendout Date - December 29, 2010) -

December 29, 2010 Vol. 6, No. 26

FIRST OFF, I hope you all had a fine Christmas or whatever else it is that you celebrate at this time of year. I'm actually still celebrating, on holiday this week, so this rendition of the newsletter will be brief. Well, briefish. I don't seem to write short very often.


The Lockwood Report
(Sendout Date - December 15, 2010) -

December 15, 2010 Vol. 6, No. 25

Way back in time, like 1985, I had a day that remains one of the best ever, and it involved a truck that I'll bet most of you have never heard of. A Sisu.

A plain, simple, and seemingly mighty rugged cabover made in Finland by a little c...

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