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Poached Salmon: Haulers roaming for freight

TORONTO -- There's some fear among cross-border haulers that the U.S. is becoming more reserved, at least trade-wise.

ATA makes opposition to HOS challenge official

ARLINGTON, Va. -- The American Trucking Associations (ATA) began its dismissal of a challenge to current hours of service (HOS) regulations by trying to clear up any perceived myths, but yesterday the group filed an official motion.

TransForce tightens purse strings to increase bottom line

MONTREAL -- Last year was a tough year, no doubt, and it took a prudent attitude and plenty of diversification for TransForce to improve on their financial results from 2007.

Unemployment rate edges up; construction hit worst

OTTAWA -- The number of laid off truck drivers and other transportation workers in February was not anywhere as severe as the previous month.

Contrans slows down payments to unitholders

WOODSTOCK, Ont. -- In a bid to conserve cash in this depressed freight market, Contrans Income Fund announced it has temporarily suspended distribution payments to unitholders.


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