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At All Costs: Canadian trucking getting expensive

TORONTO -- In a recent briefing note to carriers, the Canadian Trucking Alliance highlighted a handful of stats and factoids that show where operating costs are these days. The verdict?

Former FMCSA researcher blasts studies backing HOS change

ARLINGTON, Va. – Another respected international researcher has criticized the way in which U.S. truck regulators' are attempting to justify changes to the current hours of service rule.

Moose accident lawsuit can proceed, judge rules

St. John’s - Victims of moose-vehicle accidents who want to sue Newfoundland and Labrador can proceed with a landmark class-action lawsuit.

Daimler to expand truck production capacity

PORTLAND, Ore. – Responding to rising truck demand, Daimler Trucks North America will significantly increase production at three plants in the second half of the year.

Ontario police prepare for provincial truck blitz

AURORA, Ont. – Just as CVSA's Roadcheck blitz comes to an end, four Ontario government agencies are gearing up for another commercial vehicle enforcement blitz next week.


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