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Dec. 28, 2011

It's a holiday week for us and for many of you, so here's a quick and light report on a pretty quiet product scene.

We've got an efficient looking little salt and sand spreader for light-duty trucks that runs off the the vehicle's 12-volt electrics.

And an interesting proof-of-delivery system that runs on Android or Apple iPhone/iPod/iPad app devices. The app itself is free but you'll pay a fee per truck per month.

Plus a cool mechanic's stool with wheels big enough to roll over cables and debris and the like.

Please let us know if you think there's a product we and the world should know about. Contact us at


(December 28, 2011) -- Two truck-powered electric models from Hiniker


(December 28, 2011) -- JumpTrack proof-of-delivery system uses Android and Apple smartphones, tablets


(December 28, 2011) -- The Tail Bone mechanic’s seat rolls over air hoses, cords, and debris


(December 14, 2011) -- The EXP-1000HD from Midtronics is an expandable electrical diagnostic analyzer


(December 14, 2011) -- J. J. Keller offers 2012 Guidebook at 2008 prices


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