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Leading off the new year we have two new 19.5-in. mud-and-snow-rated drive tires from Double Coin, expanding the RLB1 lineup to 12 models. The two new ones have a very aggressive tread and are aimed at regional use.

Sticking with tires, Pressure Systems International offers an entire year's worth of its 2011 Commercial Fleet Tire Digest in a spiral-bound book. Distributed monthly as an e-newsletter, this is a good chance to add it to your physical library in one go.

As well, we have new landing gear from Jost International and a skylight from Truck-Lite that aims to bring a little brightness to trailer interiors.

And finally an item that could prove might useful in this new era of rigorous CSA inspections, a kit from Phillips Industries that allows drivers to make fast on-the-road electrical repairs.

Things are a little lean on the product front around this time of year, but look for an explosion of introductions coming in the next few weeks as show season gets rolling, starting with TMC in Tampa.


(January 11, 2012) -- Double Coin expands RLB1 regional drive tire line


(January 11, 2012) -- P.S.I. offers 2011 Commercial Fleet Tire Digest issues in a bound book


(January 11, 2012) -- Truck-Lite develops Sky-Lite to illuminate trailer interiors


(January 11, 2012) -- From Jost comes a pair of new landing gear products


(January 11, 2012) -- The CSA Qwik-Fix Kit from Phillips can reduce equipment violations


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