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News this week from the annual meeting of the Technology and Maintenance Council (TMC) that's going on as we speak in Tampa, Florida. It's not the only source, of course, but it's a busy spot.

First off we have Great Dane really rocking its own boat with some big changes in the product line and new 24-hour emergency call service for national accounts.

Meritor WABCO has a raft of new offerings, including a sipler and easily retorfittable Roll Stability Support system, a new deal with Takata to bring the SafeTrak lane-departure warnng system into its portfolio, and enhanced System Saver 1200 air dryer, and an all new electrically controlled air dryer.

Phillips Industries is showing off its new swivelling nosebox at TMC. The Sta-Dry Tracker is a "game changer," says the company.

Arrow Truck Sales offers its new ConfidencePlus Comprehensive Coverage Program, a 90-day/25,000-mile warranty on 2005 and newer trucks

New from J. J. Keller is online Tractor-Trailer Driver Training, School Edition, based on the U.S. Federal Highway Administration model curriculum.

And finally SmartTruck has launched its new UT-1 trailer UnderTray system, simpler and less expensive but still good for a 5.5% fuel-efficiency gain.


(February 22, 2012) -- Great Dane makes sweeping products changes, rolls out emergency road service


(February 22, 2012) -- Meritor WABCO links with Takata, adds RSS model and an electric air dryer


(February 22, 2012) -- Phillips unveils “game changing” swivel nosebox and corrosion-blocking connectors


(February 22, 2012) -- New warranty covers 2005-mode- year and newer trucks, all makes and models


(February 22, 2012) -- J. J. Keller launches online Tractor-Trailer Driver Training, School Edition


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