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November 30, 2011 Vol. 7, No. 28

We're changing things here, folks. Every second week, and this is the first example, we're simply going to present 10 of the latest or most interesting trucking products. We'll keep you informed but we'll do so without Lockwood's commentary. I'm not going anywhere, just reverting to my bi-weekly schedule as far as the bloggy essay thing is concerned. I really don't know what to call it. Anyway, you'll be able to catch my ramblings next week as usual, except that we're renaming it 'The Lockwood Report'.

This time out we lead with a solid looking 'advanced' trailer skirt from Utility that qualifies for SmartWay verification as an 'advanced' aerodynamic device. That means a minumum tested fuel saving of 5%. Assuming you run a highway van.

Carrier's very readable external reefer-temp display is a new option that should be easy for drivers to see, and PeopleNet's enhanced In-Cab Navigation function seems very, very slick. I like TruckWeight's free software that sends on-board scale readings to any laptop within 500 ft of the vehicle. And SKF's Securex two-piece fastener for hub-piloted wheels is now available in the aftermarket.

And there's more besides, so please have a read.

THIS NEWSLETTER IS PUBLISHED every 2 weeks. It's a heads-up notice about the latest trucking products, including interesting ones that may not have had the 'air play' they deserved within the last few months.

We don’t endorse any of the products mentioned here, nor do we have the resources to test them. 

If you have comments of whatever sort about Product Watch, or maybe you've tried a gizmo we should know about, please get in touch via


(November 30, 2011) -- Enhancements make PeopleNet navigation easier for drivers and back office alike


(November 30, 2011) -- TruckWeight offers free, downloadable weight-recording software


(November 30, 2011) -- SKF introduces an aftermarket fastener for hub-piloted wheels


(November 23, 2011) -- TomTom launches Pro 7150 Truck and an iPhone traffic app for all Canadian drivers


(November 23, 2011) -- Ingersoll Rand says it has world's most powerful cordless impact tool


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A look at Ontario's mandatory out-of-service quotas (Yup. They exist.), by Rolf Lockwood. Plus, a special focus on drivers, from retention to training — including the best fleets to drive for. And Jim Park explains how to choose the engine displacement that's best for you. That and much more in the April issue of Today's Trucking.


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