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Newsweek Names Cummins a Top Green Company

COLUMBUS, IN — Cummins announced yesterday that Newsweek ranks the diesel giant 52nd among the United States’ 500 largest public companies on the publication’s 2014 Green Rankings. Cummins is also 86th in the world—far surpassing peers in the industry. 

Tom Linebarger, Cummins Chairman and CEO, believes the company’s focus on the environment helps it deliver economic value while making a positive impact on global communities. “Providing efficient and clean power is a win for our company, a win for our customers, and a win for the environment,” Linebarger said, adding that everything Cummins does leads to a cleaner, healthier, safer environment.

“This recognition from Newsweek underscores the commitment of our company and our employees to an important part of our corporate mission,” he said.

Part of that corporate mission is Cummins’ newest plan to shrink its global environmental footprint, which is outlined in the company’s 2013-2014 Sustainability Report and was announced in May.

Since the late 1990s, Cummins has viewed its decades-long technical expertise as a crucial advantage in meeting the ever-tightening emissions regulations laid out by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Stricter air pollution standards in countries around the world have made it challenging for the industry as a whole, but Cummins has managed to deliver products that are compliant with such standards, while retaining the brand’s signature power and durability.

After almost two years of research, Cummins put together its newest plan to reduce its carbon footprint. The plan, which involves stakeholders and executives from all branches of the company, puts top priority on addressing the largest environmental opportunities: the materials it buys and the fuel efficiency and emissions of its engine and generator lineups. Cummins focused on water, waste energy and greenhouse gases before moving forward with specific goals in mind for its operations.

The industry has taken notice, which is a large reason why Cummins earned its high rankings on Newsweek’s Green Rankings.

"With millions of engines and generators in service, and customers in 190 countries and territories, there's no question that Cummins has the global reach to make a positive impact on the environment," Linebarger said.

"And, as a company, this is the right thing to do."

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