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On Third Thought, Let’s Maybe Ban Trucks From Provencher

WINNIPEG — It’s still okay to drive your trucks along Provencher Blvd. in Manitoba’s capital city but don’t include the four-way main thoroughfare in any long-term planning.

It might get a truck ban yet.

If you’re confused, you’re not alone.

On Jan. 31, The City of Winnipeg issued a report announcing that heavy trucks will remain welcome on the street. It stems from a proposal from local councilor Dan Vandal who proposed a ban on the street in September, 2103.

After Vandal made his suggestion, the City researched the matter and then returned with the no-ban report.

To de-list Provencher Boulevard as a truck route is not only inconsistent with the guiding principles of the Transportation Master Plan, but has negative safety and other implications far beyond Provencher Boulevard.


After the MTA’s annual general meeting last week, General Manager Terry Shaw told that while Provencher is still open to truck traffic, the City is conducting a new study, which could result in changes.

“The City of Winnipeg Standing Policy Committee on Infrastructure Renewal and Public Works is awaiting another report for the administration studying the impacts of limiting truck traffic on Provencher on a seasonal or part-time basis.

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to Anonymous: Ok lets have you work after 9 pm and all the stores open after 9, as well as all manufacturing plants and all places that ship and receive goods. Dan want everyone else to spend millions of dollars so that a handfull of people can sit outside and have their latte's etc. There isn't anyplace for that traffic to go. Regent and Higgin's narrow lanes and weight resticted bridge. Desmuerons to Goulet to Main will be a traffic Hell as it is very difficult to turn onto Goulet and during rush hour 1 lane is bus only.


I think freight trucks should only be allowed to operate on Winnipeg streets after 9. As for them going down main streets, perhaps them working overnight would alleviate much of the traffic concerns. Just a suggestion as uncomfortable as it may seem.

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