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One of Two Missing Freightliners Found in Ontario

One of Two Missing Freightliners Found in Ontario

TORONTO — A stolen 2005 Freightliner Columbia tractor was returned to its rightful owners at Coburn Transportation Systems earlier this week.

 “They broke into our yard early, early Monday morning, took two tractors out of our yard,” says Myran Coburn, president of Coburn Transportation Systems. “Fortunately we got one back this week— a recovery gift, I haven’t gotten it back into my yard, but it’s coming.”

Two daycabs went missing from the Whitby-based company early Monday morning. Both trucks were white 2005 Freightliner Columbias with “Coburn’s Transportation Systems” written on the doors in red.

“I notified the Ontario Trucking Association and they put out a bulletin,” Coburn says.

Todaystrucking.com also wrote about the missing trucks and between the two reports, word reached another trucking company, who chooses to remain anonymous, and lo and behold, found one of the trucks.

The returned unit is #338, serial #1FUJA6CK55LV22509, Ontario license plate #4762PM.

“I haven’t seen it to verify it, but I’m hoping all that was damaged was— they broke the small window on the passenger side of the truck and the police officers said the ignition was torn out of it. I’m sure there’s some damage to that,” Coburn says. “But on the outside, [the gentleman who found it] assured me it looks to be in good condition.”

Still missing:

  • 2005 Freightliner Columbia tractor (white daycab);
  • Unit #337;
  • Serial #1FUJA6CK85LV36565;
  • Ontario plate #4763PM;
  • “Coburn’s Transportation Systems” written on the doors in red.
  • Likely has broken passenger window;
  • Likely damage to truck’s front and hood.

Coburn expects there’s substantial damage to the still-missing unit.

“[The thieves] cut a hole in our fence to get into our yard, and to get out of the yard they crashed through the gate and tore my gate right of the post with the front end of my truck,” Coburn says. “So I expect the other one, if we ever get it back, is going to have substantial damage to it.”

The thieves ripped Coburn’s gate right off the post, he says. 

“I had to get the fencing company to make a new gate and the post had to be dug out and re-cemented,” he says. “There’s chunks of my tractor’s hood all spread out … there’s fiberglass chunks all over. I know there’s substantial damage to my truck, but even with that, I still hope to get it back.”

He says the truck has low mileage and was in good condition and had tons of miles left in it.

“I hope the police catch a break on it,” he says.

If any carrier or driver comes across the following units or information about their whereabouts, please contact Myran Coburn at myrancoburn@coburnstransport.com or 1-800-665-0578.

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