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New from J. J. Keller is online Tractor-Trailer Driver Training, School Edition,  based on the U.S. Federal Highway Administration model curriculum. It follows the Professional Truck Driver Institute’s (PTDI) curriculum standards. Housed on the company's 'Training On Demand' site, the course provides resources for instructors to enhance their curriculum.
Subscribers receive a full complement of training resources designed to follow all 33 chapters of the training manual. Each chapter includes training resources such as an instructor's guide, student manual, PowerPoint presentations, quizzes, plus related documents, charts, images and clip art.

Instructors can utilize the streaming, video-based training content in the classroom or take advantage of the built-in distance learning capabilities by providing students with remote access to the videos. Instructors will be able to download the online content for use on their own Learning Management System. (Videos and online interactive training courses cannot be downloaded.)

Instructors can also upload their own training documents into the system. Additional online, interactive training can also be purchased and assigned, as needed, from within the site.

Built-in recordkeeping tools keep track of student progress throughout the curriculum.

Since the online content is automatically updated as needed to reflect the latest regulatory revisions, instructors receive the most up-to-date learning material possible.

A free 30-day trial is available by calling 800-327-6868, ext. 8523, and referencing Promo Code 53583.

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