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Ontario Raises Commercial Vehicle Licence Fees

TORONTO – The Government of Ontario announced today they are raising fees on provincial driver and licences so that Ontario can meet its commitment to eliminating the deficit, and it may only be the first of a series of soon-to-come hikes for the province, said the Ontario Trucking Association (OTA).

The Ministry of Transportation released information today showing that minimum heavy duty commercial vehicle validation fees (GVW of 3,001 to 3,500) will jump from $109 to $142 on September 1, 2012. Another increase is slated for 2013, for a total increase of 70 percent over two years. The maximum fees (weight class 63,001 kg to 63,500 kg) will rise from $2,722 to $3,539 on December 1, 2012 to $4,601 in 2013 — also an increase of 70 percent over two years.

Oversize/over-weight permit fees will also be increasing. A single trip (dimension only) permit will increase from $50 to $65 in 2013 and a super load permit (greater than 120,000 kg) will increase from $500 to $700 (a 40 percent increase) over the same time period.

Commercial 10-day trip permits, last changed in 1993, will be increased gradually starting in 2013 from $15 to $23 in 2015 for unladen commercial vehicles (the minimum). The maximum fees for combinations of commercial motor vehicles and trailers will increase from $132 to $201 over the same period.

David Bradley, president of the OTA, said “while it may have been inevitable that we would see higher commercial licence fees given the provincial government’s current fiscal challenges, it’s still a bitter pill to swallow — no one likes tax/fee increases.”

In an effort to make that bill a little less bitter, Ontario transportation minister Bob Chiarelli said they hope "the extra money raised actually goes into the road/highway network and the bridges since revenues received by governments are not dedicated to any specific person and instead are deposited in general reserves,” he said.

Bradley noted that the blow might have been softened if some of the more significant increases were spread out over a somewhat longer time horizon instead of having to be absorbed in their entirety in 2012 and 2013. “At least carriers have some time to adjust their rates to include these fee increases,” he said.


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Bob is bluffing, McGuinty is looking nooks & corners to hide his dirt, why not he abolish green energy BS and let Ontario businessese alone, grow & generate employment,

These corrupted, politicians should let the system roll, get their wage, sleep @ home.

There won't be any reccession, there won't be any hike.

First you got the speed limiter and now we can't compete with other provinces and in US and there are still accidents. High fuel prices and now plates...doesn't anybody realize that we can't get drivers because they can't get home time and takes longer to make a same trip so there is more hours and less money. Now they want higher plates. Hey I got an idea why not just shut the trucking companies down all together it seems like all they good for high fines and high fees and totaly redicilious DOT and Customs tratments of drivers...after 40 years on the road I don't want to truck no more....

If we ran our business the same way McGuinty runs the Province, he couldnt come after us for more money. We would all be bankrupt and nobody to bail us out! Wake up McGunity ! You can't spend what you don't have !!!

After an at fault accident last year,(first at fault accident in 28 years) and seeing a 100 per cent increase in my insurance premium,(try and obtain a new insurance policy in a high risk occupation after a loss)and now a double digit increase in license fee with shippers that wo nt or can nt up rates?

Does our government not realize this will only reflect back to the consumer. As our plates cost more, the cost of shipping will cost more therefore, the cost of everything will rise to reflect this increase.
This ontop of fuel rising to $5.00 a gallon is going to put drivers trying to make a living out of business. So, when we start paying $3.50 for a loaf of bread, we can thank our government. I think we may see some companies plating their trucks in a different province as we are thinking of doing.
On the other hand touche to the railroads.