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Ontario Truckers Be Aware: Inspection Blitz On July 30 to 31

MISSISSAUGA— Get ready for another inspection blitz, truckers!

Peel Police officers will be at the International Center, 6900 Airport Road, Mississauga, on the lookout for unsafe trucks.

The Peel Regional Police Road Safety Services’ 2014 Joint Forces Truck Inspection and Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety Inspections run July 30 and July 31 from 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

“In keeping with our goal of maintaining safe roads for all drivers, this joint forces initiative, led by Peel Regional Police, will take place in order to ensure that transport drivers and their vehicles are safe and fit to operate on our roadways,” Peel Regional Police announced.

During last year’s blitz, some 40 percent of trucks failed the inspection. That’s partly because the 62 officers pulled over trucks that appeared to be visibly unsafe and also pulled over pick-up trucks.

Constable and Road Safety Services liaison for Peel Police Vito Pedano told Today’s Trucking that his motto for the 2013 blitz was “if you’re a citizen and you see a truck going down the road and you ask yourself ‘is this safe to be on the road?’” — that’s the sort of truck they immediately pulled over.

The 2013 two-day targeted inspection saw 190 vehicles pulled over with 76 vehicles failing the inspection, 36 vehicles having their plates removed, 199 provincial charges being laid, seven drivers who had their licenses suspended, and one vehicle seizure — that vehicle, however, was not a tractor trailer.

Officers followed a three-strike model: if you have three major defects — that require a mechanic and can’t be remedied on-site — you’ll lose your plates.

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This will just make the truck (shortage) bigger the goverment should set up a loan program for up to $10,000 per truck to do repairs to bring the units up to shape. TransForce should work with the peel region and get the names of trucker running (junk trucks and try to offer to work with them. Otherwise these truckers will just get other jobs or go on disablity cost us all money in higher taxes

Thank heavens the article specifically states that the officers pulled over the trucks that looked as if they might fail the inspection. Otherwise the poor public think that 40% of the trucks out there are unsafe.