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Our Editor in Chief Lockwood Named North American Industry Leader

Based in Toronto, Lockwood helped launched Today's Trucking in 1987 with the idea of helping truck owners and managers prosper during a time of deregulation, free trade, and technological change.

He developed a conversational writing style that came from being at ease with his subject and readers. He has an appreciation for the differences among fleet owners, owner-operators, company drivers, technicians, managers and suppliers across the various regions of Canada and the United States.

In 2003, Lockwood won the Harvey S. Southam Career Achievement Award from the Canadian Business Press, the association's highest honor. In accepting that award, Lockwood advised journalists to produce magazines with as much pride and professionalism as the people they write for. "That means getting out among your readers so you can see the industry you cover through their eyes," he said. "You'll come to respect your readers, and they in turn will develop respect for you. You'll gain credibility, the cornerstone of success for any of us here."

Lockwood's experience at the wheel of vehicles he writes about has fueled a passion for trucking hardware, and his ability to articulate the mechanical side of the business has earned him the trust of engineers and truck owners, colleagues say.

Former owner-operator and now writer Jim Park told the assembled journalists at Thursday’s awards event that when he was driving and harbored journalistic ambitions, it was Lockwood he wanted to emulate. (Park was one of the presenters of the award. Park joined Glionna as well as Meritor’s Mike Pennington, who has worked with Lockwood for years, to offer plaudits.)

Lockwood made a lifelong detour into trucking journalism more than 30 years ago, writing for Canadian bus and trucking publications. Along with his work for Today's Trucking, Lockwood is an original member of TWNA, a featured speaker and commentator at industry events. He is also founding editor of the now-defunct HighwayStar magazine.

Lockwood has done a lot of odd jobs in his life. He edited an underground newspaper called Subterranean Meadow, taught poetry to prisoners, and drove a forklift at a steel plant. An avid gearhead, he still harbors hope of racing on the F1 circuit and recently purchased a mint 59 Volvo PV544 couple. He is married to Sharon and will tell you that the greatest achievement in his life is being the father of daughters Rebecca, Vanessa and Jessica.

Finally, the staff here at are all extremely proud to boast that the best of the best is at our helm. Lockwood’s a great guy to work with.

Lockwood: Get out among the readers and see the industry from their eyes.
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