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Peace Bridge Construction to Affect Wide Load Trucks

TORONTO, ON — Construction on the Peace Bridge between Buffalo, NY and Fort Erie, ON is set to begin Wednesday April 2, 2014 and run through the entire construction season, ending in November, according to the Ontario Trucking Association.

The Peace Bridge Authority is widening the approach to the US plaza, opening up the currently narrow area where trucks and cars meet. 

Traffic lanes on the bridge that are currently 12’ wide will be reduced to 11’ and the center lane to 10’ 6”. While regular truck traffic will be unaffected, the change will impact how wide loads are processed.  

“It will be more important than ever that all wide loads check in prior to accessing the bridge. This is not currently an issue as Peace Bridge Authority (PBA) reports all 10’ 6’ loads currently stopping and waiting for PBA staff to release them,” bridge authority said in a press release.

What will be different is how PBA staff process loads between 11’ and 12’. Currently any loads under 12’ (that are not overweight) cross with regular truck traffic. Beginning on or about April 15 the center lane of the bridge will need to be closed for all trucks between 11’ and 12’ and over.  To check in with PBA in advance of arrival, please contact shift Supervisor at (716) 949-6052.

The current “traffic management fee” applied to all wide loads 12’ 0” and above will not be applied to trucks between 11’ and 12’ as long as they are not over 117,000 lbs, but there may be a delay for these trucks (between 11’-12’) based on the traffic conditions.

Bridge authority advises carriers to plan to cross the bridge as early in the day as possible because there is less volume before noon.


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