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Pete’s Blog&Grille: Presenting 40 More Great Trucking Songs!

It all started with Shania.

A few years ago, I thought,  “What my magazine (Today’s Trucking) needs is a photo of Shania Twain.”

As far as I know, no magazine has ever suffered from printing a photograph of Shania Twain. 

As a Sudbury boy who is proud of our wood-hewing and water-drawing economy, I boast that Twain is one of the finest natural resources to ever come out of my part of the province.

Problem was, she didn’t have much to do with trucks.

I once heard that before she was famous, Twain travelled to southern Ontario with a truck-driver uncle of hers. But I figure if I followed that line of research, I’d get arrested as an official stalker.

I also know that the affable head honcho at Mack Trucks Canada Mark Laine had met and spoken to Twain on a number of occasions. Before he was a wheel in the trucking business, Laine was heavily involved in the Northern Ontario music scene.

“Shania Twain lived in Kirkland Lake for a while and I met her a number of times,” he told me, adding: “I remembered her as being a ‘sort of country’ singer as she didn’t have that ‘country twang’ like some others. Maybe that difference helped her become a star and separated her from the rest of the hopefuls.”

Still—a tenuous connection at best.  Plus writing about Mark  and Shania just makes me jealous, so to heck with that.  

Then it came to me: “Shania = country music,” and “country music = trucking.”

What other industry has so many great songs about it?

So I invented the 10 Top Trucking Songs of All Time, according to me.

Weird thing was, after I finished making my list, there were no Shania Twain songs on it.

But so what? When we published the story “The Top 10 Trucking Songs of All Time,” we gratuitously used her photo. Beats looking at Willie Nelson.

After we published the list, an astute reader from Owen Sound named Dwayne Rae generously amassed an even longer compilation and the resulting project turned into the “Today’s Trucking’s 50 Best Trucking Songs of All Time.”

After that story was posted, the tsunami struck. Or maybe that should be tunami.  (Get it? Tunes? Never mind.)

Reader after reader stepped up, suggesting other tunes for inclusion in the best-trucking songs catalogue.

As of today, the list stands at 90.

And having listened to each one at least twice, I can honestly say there’s not a dog in the bunch.

Many of these songs I’d never heard of, and more than a handful aren’t country songs, either. (ANY list of driving songs has to by LAW include the ideal driving tune “Radar Love” by the one-hit-wonder Golden Earring.)

Still. No Shania. I’m wondering if she has any trucking songs under her belt. (As my brother Eddie might say, “But Pete. She doesn’t write truck songs; she writes twain songs.”)

However. We took the third addition to this great list—the NEXT 40 Top Trucking Songs as Chosen by You!—and compiled them into this EZ-2-USE Musical Presentation.  I couldn’t have done it without you! Thanks.


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