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Polar Releases New Propane Tank Trailer

ST. CLOUD, MN. — Polar has introduced its first trailer for the North American propane industry, the Polar NexGen MC-331 highway transport.

Assembled at Polar’s Salem, IL., facility, the trailer features a powder-coated barrel and all-stainless piping, in addition to aluminium decking and fenders to reduce effects of corrosion, Polar said.

The trailer also comes equipped with all-welded liquid piping, Blackmer or Corken product pumps, Marshall Excelsior valves, and Base Engineering radio remote shutdown systems.

“This trailer builds on the success of the NexGen propane bobtail introduced by Polar earlier this year,” said Ted Fick, president and CEO of Polar Corporation. “It extends the benefits of the NexGen bobtail to over-the-road propane transporters.”

Fick added that Polar can also offer fleets a wider variety of suspensions, axles, rollover protection, and central tire inflation systems, as well as custom engineering options.

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