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Portable Communication

Blue Tree’s R:Com In-Cab Portable device

Blue Tree’s new R:Com In-Cab Portable device provides ‘plug and play’ operation for owner-operator and rental vehicles, aiming for use during periods of high cargo volume

Blue Tree, which provides trailer tracking, reefer monitoring, and in-cab fleet management tools, says it's a portable version of its existing in-cab terminal. The new unit retains all the same features as the in-cab system, but is differentiated by being a one-piece ‘plug and play’ device. It's temporarily mounted on the truck's dash and plugged directly to the vehicle diagnostics. With its permanently attached and durable antenna, the portable system can easily be installed in and removed from any vehicle.

Users wanted a one-piece ‘plug and play’ version of the in-cab communication feature, says Blue Tree, in order to better deal with periods of high cargo volume or when extra capacity is required at short notice.

Job management, turn-by-turn navigation, and two-way communication with leased vehicles can now be conducted in exactly the same manner as it is with regular drivers/vehicles.

The ruggedized screen has been designed for use in tough operating environments, and its feature set includes Blue Tree’s hours-of-service program, user-friendly driver messaging with predefined quick messages and custom data entry form messages, text to speech, satellite navigation, and job management features.

Fleet operators can send job details to the driver with navigation co-ordinates to simplify the driver’s day, with truck-specific routing (avoidance of routes with physical restrictions such as weight, height and length) guiding drivers directly to their destination with the touch of a button. Estimated arrival time is reported live to the office, while customer-specific screens can be added to include vehicle inspection or incident reports. The customer can also design and upload custom data-entry forms based on their specific requirements.

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Blue Tree Systems portable in-cab device communications R:Com In-Cab Portable device messaging

I wonder what text-to-speech they're using. Some of this is similar to the iSpeech app DriveSafely. I believe it was available for some Cobra radios previously too. Here is a link if anyone wants to check it out: