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Pro-EOBR Campaign Gaining Traction, Minister on Board

OTTAWA — The Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA) said that their campaign to provide carriers, drivers and owner-operators with an easy way to send pro-EOBR messages to federal MPs has gained traction.

"To date, several hundred carrier companies and individual drivers have sent about 1,500 messages directly to MPs from across Canada," the CTA press release notes.

CTA said that Federal Transport Minister Denis Lebel stated to a carrier that EOBRs can “improve hours-of-service regulatory compliance by reducing the opportunity for commercial drivers to exceed regulated driving hours or falsify logbooks” and that Transport Canada “supports the development of an EOBR standard that leverages the work that the United States has undertaken on this issue, that is implemented consistently across all jurisdictions, including our provinces and territories, and that is operationally feasible for both industry and government regulators. Ultimately, a harmonized North American standard would be ideal in consideration of the importance of domestic and cross-border trade.

“A technically flexible, performance-based EOBR standard, combined with a suitable phase-in period," Lebel was quoted as saying, "would hopefully allow sufficient time for suppliers to offer cost-effective options meeting the needs of carriers and drivers.”

“Our efforts show that there are many carriers and drivers who are clearly in favour of replacing outdated paper logbooks with more efficient and compliant electronic monitoring devices,” said David Bradley, president of the Alliance.

“While we understand that there is a minority in the industry who may oppose an EOBR mandate," Bradley noted, "it’s important that decision makers hear from those who have experience with EOBRs in enhancing compliance and making highways safer."

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Pretty one-sided. What about the AGAINST Vote?

Well, it's about time. Best thing to happen to the trucking industry since the rubber tire.

However, the "performance-based EOBR standard" phrase is a little sketchy. It tends to imply that if your performance vis-a-vis hours of service is better than the benchmark, you get special perks, and that's just not going to work.

There is a comment above asking "What about the against vote?" Let's be honest ... it simply doesn't matter. Our industry would do well to learn, memorize, and live by one simple axiom when it comes to cars, trucks, safety, and rules of the road ... there are way more voters in cars than there are voters in trucks. Right and wrong, fair and unfair, have absolutely nothing to do with any of it.

Just my humble 2 cents worth.

those that want them - buy them and install them.i am tired of the big yellow company with the black R on the door,the white trucks with red,orange and blue and all the other big companies telling me what's good for mine.these are the ones that don't pay waiting time at docks and low pay per mile.when my guys have to wait,their time goes on the clock at a good rate per hour.they are more than happy and i never hear complaints

It is about time we got the EOBR's and wither we want it or not it's coming. Somthing must be done to put a stop to the operators that are running and have no time for HOS or any other law, this will give the trucking industry a leval playing field and rates will go up and trucking will become more efficent and companies will be able to afford to pay layovers and waiting time. But if you are a betting man/woman you can bet ownce shippers have to pay for this, waiting time will disapear.

Level playing field? do smaller companies get the fuel discounts of the big guys? Or the insurance discounts, or volume buying discounts? The big guys need the small ones out of the business to support their overgrowth.

im sick and tired of being told when i can go to work, go to bed etc,etc. i'm an owner/operator and i have expences as any small business does etc. but there are those that are making it harder and harder to stay in business. i've been in this business for 38 years and im looking forward to getting out. its a thankless job! big trucking companies only care about there bottom line period! i have yet to see a rate increase in 15 years and now you want to bring in EOBR'S. we all know that it will only end up costing us little guys more in the end! thank you OTA! what we need is a real voice for us little guys! the OTA is for big business and govt! period!

And exactly what do you think is going to happen with all the data that is collected?
1. This data WILL be used against you in any court of law over ANY tickets.
2. Freedom of Access will apply since this data is required by the government, so your competition will know where you travel and guess your customer base.
3. CCRA audits will use this to prove your meal exemption status.
4. The ABILITY to control your sleep and rest patterns will be in your corporate head office not the driver's seat.
5. Extra costs for install,repair and ongoing subscription costs. i.e. I was spending $1000/year for my Volvo Link system until it had a major mulfunction and needed $2500 to replace it.
6. In the USA LESS than 1% of HOS violations are for driving longer than 11 hours. So where is the safety justification when most tickets are Form and Manner ( better log book training required) and 14 hour violations. Is the 14 hour violations fue to waiting time at docks, traffic congestion, rest periods, MEALS, lack of parking at desired locations forcing to drive to the next SAFE parking spot? i.e. not the side of the highway or exit ramp!!!
6. When is the last time a federal cost projection was anywhere close? Emission projections were $6,500/truck. The true CAPTIAL costs were $23,000 PLUS extra operating costs, extra repair costs and massive downtime costs!!
7. Log book auditing will become the next federal job offerings which then increases your federal taxes to pay for the new federal employee's!!!

These are just a few of the reasons why EOBR's are a horrible idea!!

If you have nothing to hide -- You have nothing to worry about !

the best thing that could happen to our industry is for Bradley to get out of it he is so out of touch telling us what we need. Go over regulate some other industry ,we had the 105kph law shoved down our throats dont tell me whats good for my own bussiness mind your own. Some of us still just love to truck but the ota and gov is making it next to impossible maybe its time for a wake up call shut it down and see how the economy responds

well where to start on this industy. eobr there ARE PROS &CONS,PROS FRom my view is detention time will be very visable to everyone.CONS are the fleets who have eobr have difficulty hiring drivers who object to them this way will have them hence the level playing field.the box they have put us in is getting smaller,HOS,SPEED LIMITER,WEIGHTS,CONGESTION,MONEY.

How about ask the driver what he wants. I can tell you it is 90% against electronic watch dogs. How about we tag everyone that goes to work. When they drive home. Since most drive home after a long day no matter what.

Many truck driver will get other jobs if their next weelky pay does not go up when the Elogs come in. One mid sized company with 500 trucks and 600 plus drivers lost over 100 drivers when they Elog despite raising driver pay 2 cents per mile and increasing waiting pay

Truck drivers will only support E-logs if drivers are paid as much as they can make now per day using paper logs

Maybe truck drivers will start getting paid for the hours worked if the gov. limits foreign drivers to 2 per trucking company plus say drivers can demand to paid off the elog

The government is going to have to bring more offshore drivers unless trucking rates go up sharply

With the goverment reducing overseas drivers coming in E-logs Will make a shortage of drivers. Every person who actualy owns his own truck should able to insure a young or foreign second driver. All owner-ops whishing to dring a foreign second driver need to paid a min. of $1.69 mile for all miles plus insurance and plates or the TFW will not be approved. No TFW be approve to any company with over 5 trucks except for owner_ops. this is what is required to end the abuse.(I deal with foreign truck drivers left in bad positions by large trucking companies)To bring E-logs pay by the hour with overtime must happen.

E_-logs are a good idea if drivers are paid as a trade above $20.00US per hour while working in Canada or the US with overtime after 10 hours per day and double time after 14 hours per day including exemptions like last winter.

Let foreign drivers in to make up for the shortage any trucking co with 6 or more trucks must pay$1,500 per week off a legal E-log and limit brokerage to 10% of the gross at min rate of $2.00 per mile plus stop pay at $1.00 per minute

The CTA wants more truck drivers from Canada to not drive anymore it seems. This so the CTA members will have no completion . They will then say there id a driver shortage and we need more cheap foreign truck drivers. The E-log and speed limiter law is to try to push small carriers with old trucks (10 to 25 years old) out of trucking.

David Bradley does not understand that if truck drivers from Canada do not make $200.00 per day on the road, the truck drivers will get other jobs. It costs about $20.00 a day more to live on the road than out of house trailer. The E-logs mean the drivers need to paid at least $1400.00 per week or about $23.50 per hour. David Bradley is opposed to pay drivers by the hour. The only other solution is to bring a lot more TFW(s) from low wage corrupt countries. Many of these TFW(s) worker can get their driving /other record cleared for about $500.00 The CTA has known this for the past 10 plus years and did not seem to think this was a problem. The E-logs should not come in unless the e-log is also a meter like in a taxi and the truck and driver are paid off that meter at government set rates.

The large shippers will still expect the loads to get there at the same time as now. One large OTA. member told me (off the record that E-logs will push out many small trucking companies and create a big enough driver shortage that then the trucker can standup to walmart and other companies like it

If they bring E-logs in i will stop driving truck and get another job with a hammer. This will make Canada at least 5,000 truck drivers short.

We need rules that go after the shippers or receivers instead of the truck drivers then we can bring e logs.

We do NOT want E-logs instead pay truck drivers overtime after 9 hours on duty and double time after 13 hours on duty and no companies will be pushing their truck drivers and set bottom wage rate of 2 times the min. wage for truck drivers with one year or more ex. Fine any Company not paying those rates twice the wage shortage and put that money into rest stops.