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HOT TOPIC Remote Engine Reprogramming

International Truck has announced that over-the-air (OTA) reprogramming of engine control modules (ECMs) for all International Truck models powered by its N9, N10, and N13 proprietary engines is now available as a no charge offering.

OTA will also be available for purchase for all 2010 and newer International truck models powered by proprietary engines through dealers.

This first-in-the-industry innovation will allow truck users to update their engine control modules with unprecedented ease and convenience, delivering improved uptime and other benefits over a safe, secure Wi-Fi connection, says International.

OTA reprogramming of the truck's ECM will enable the driver or fleet manager to use a mobile interface to initiate reprogramming to approved calibrations. This quick procedure can be performed at the customer's facility. International says it  continues to partner with industry-leading data and technology companies to ensure the system offers the highest level of security.

Over-the-air reprogramming revolutionizes the way trucks are serviced and lays the groundwork for a future of connected vehicle services and the trucking community as a whole, says International. This two-way connected vehicle technology enables organizations to take communication a step further, allowing eligible users to pull the data from the truck, analyze the data, and communicate back to the vehicle.

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