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RunSmart Predictive Cruise

RunSmart Predictive Cruise™ developed by Freightliner Trucks

Freightliner Truck's proprietary RunSmart Predictive Cruise™ system, courtesy of Freightliner semis and GPS data company NAVTEQ, is the next step in cruise control technology. It's called RunSmart Predictive Cruise, and it employs slope data from the NAVTEQ system that has been collected on 200,000 miles of the most used truck routes.

By integrating the truck’s cruise control system with GPS and NAVTEQ’s slope and height data, RunSmart Predictive Cruise automatically fine-tunes the set speed to reduce fuel consumption. While en route, the system appraises upcoming changes in road terrain and adjusts the throttle accordingly, resulting in fuel savings. While RunSmart is looking for peak efficiency, it won't sacrifice speed; the system remains within 6% of the set speed. It's an available option on Freightliner's Detroit Diesel DD15-equipped Cascadia model with the 72-inch raised roof.


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