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SCR: The Smart Choice

SCR: The Smart Choice

BlueTec SCR emissions technology helps engines perform at their peak. It uses less EGR and DD15® EPA 2010 provides up to 5% better fuel economy compared to our impressive DD15 EPA 2007. This allows our engines to perform at optimal combustion ranges to provide peak power and reduce heat rejection on many of the internal engine components. Another major contributing factor to this improvement is that the engine’s diesel particulate filter (DPF) extends its regeneration intervals. Ultimately, BlueTec SCR leads to better durability, greater reliability, and lower lifecycle costs. Our engineers agree that SCR is the best choice for fuel-efficient driving because it’s:

  • As simple as filling a tank 
  • Up to 5% improvement in fuel economy over EPA 2007 engines 
  • Proven through hundreds of millions of miles in North America alone


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