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Shippers and Truckers Organize Blitz on Washington

Now is the time to stand up for trucking, says the National Shippers Strategic Transportation Council (NASSTRAC), a group that advocates freight issues on behalf of shippers.

NASSTRAC has organized a one-day fly-in on Capital Hill Febuary 1 where roughly a dozen shipper and trucking organizations will voice their disagreement with regulations they say will bind the trucking industry and raise shipping costs.

Dubbed "Stand Up for Trucking," the idea for the fly-in was born out of the hours of service battle with business groups, labor unions and safety advocates. The American Trucking Association (ATA) and NASSTRAC met back in September to lay the groundwork.

And they quickly found support from other groups, including the Transportation Intermediaries Association, National Private Truck Council, Coalition for Transportation Productivity, Truckload Carriers Conference, National Industrial Transportation League, Retail Industry Leaders Association, Cleaner Safer Trucking, Forest Resources Association, and the American Movers and Storage Association.

“Never before have the advocacy interests of both motor carriers and shippers dependent upon over-the-road trucking been more closely aligned,” said Mike Regan, chairman of shipper group NASSTRAC’s advocacy committee.

NASSTRAC, ATA, and participating associations agree want Congress to stay focused on safety while stopping burdensome laws and regulations that impede productivity and increase the delivered cost of goods — like the proposed changes to HOS rules.

Those rules are set to be released tomorrow by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

In addition to shipping costs, Everett said that "companies across America will suffer from significant decreases in efficient distribution and transportation. The recession, high fuel prices, roadway congestion, and a shortage of qualified drivers all have led to reduced capacity and increased transit times for trucking.

"That's why we believe that now, more than ever, there's a significant need to stand up for trucking."

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Why dont they stand up for truckers who should be paid by the Hour instead of an obsolete pay system.They should do away with hours of service and implement time cards. They now want eobrs why not put anckle bracletes on them too so they can be like house arrest and every move tracked.It is ironic that all they are worried about is how they can continue to have truckers work for free or less than minimum wage maybe the CEOS should work for trucker wages

If the trucking industry does not get this wave of regulation to abate..the Federal government is going to make it to expensive to ship anything since there will no one left to drive or no company that can afford the regulations


It is against Federal Law to increase the weight of a workers tools and devices that the worker has to use to perform his or her duties and do their job.Weigh a Logbook Then Weigh an EOBR

Furthermore not only is it against Federal Labor Law to increase the Weight of a Workers Tools and Devices.Also Companies are bound by these Laws to provide Employees with the tools that provide the employee with the least amount of stress to complete his or her task.Once again Weigh a Logbook and then Weigh an EOBR. Then tell me the increase in Weight in percentages and I assure you that you will find that those Weight increase percentages for that Tool or Device is Completely unacceptable and Highly Illegal according to Federal Labor Law.I hope this information finds its way to the Lawyers who are SUPPOSED TO BE REPRESENTING US.THE AMERICAN PROFESSIONAL TRUCK DRIVERS.These are Basic Labor Laws that even a beginner Attorney should Know,But OOIDA and other Professional Driver Associations continue to Pay Out Good Money to incompetent Lawyers who cannot properly defend and Represent the AMERICAN PROFESSIONAL TRUCK DRIVER.I have given everyone interested in this matter of EOBRs the Silver Bullet that they have been looking for to Squash EOBRs once and for all. There is now NO EXCUSE... GET IT DONE! PERIOD! As for me and my fellow AMERICAN PROFESSIONAL TRUCK DRIVER FRIENDS we have to run these loads so EVERYONE can be properly attired and have all you need at your disposal to represent us.WE Are DOING OUR PART...ATTORNEYS PLEASE DO YOURS,MERRY CHRISTMAS Sincerely,Vegas Dan

The problem is getting loaded and unload at bad times .between 12midnight n 4am stop that and it will save lives from truck drivers falling a sleep ........