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SAF-Holland's CBX40 gets Auto-PosiLift

SAF-Holland is now offering Auto-PosiLift axle-lift technology as an option on SAF CBX40 tandem-axle slider suspensions. It combines CBX PosiLift components and Meritor WABCO ABS with built-in functionality. A sensor in the system’s air-spring supply line reads air-spring pressure and determines whether to raise the front axle or leave it in the down position, automatically, with no driver interaction.
The CBX40 with Auto-PosiLift was initially developed for multi-stop beverage distribution fleets but other varying-load operations are also targets -- such as LTL, fleets backhauling empty, and food service. The benefits are said to include "significant" fuel savings, reduced tire wear, and reduced toll charges.
Compliant with DOT regulations, the system is programmed to read the air pressure in the rear-axle air springs each time a delivery or pick-up is made.
As daily deliveries diminish the load, the total weight capacity of a closed tandem-axle suspension is eventually not required, thus allowing the front axle of the tandem suspension to be raised. Running in this configuration could amount to as much as 70% of a vehicle’s total daily miles, the company says. Operating with  the front axle of the tandem raised greatly increases fuel efficiency, vehicle tire life, suspension component life, and brake/wheel-end service intervals.

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SAF-Holland CBX40 tandem slider trailer suspension Auto-PosiLift Meritor WABCO ABS automatic axle lift

Canadian carrier beware, though! With all due respect to SAF-Holland, this AutoPosi-LiftAxle system won't be legal on 53' trailers in Eastern Canada (read: ON, QC, NB, PE, NS & NL., but perfectly acceptable from MB west to BC.

In the eastern Provinces only <23 metre trailers are permitted to be driven down the road with lift-axles raised. (I should know, I just won a $390 citation to that effect in court, but only barely, on a very weak technicality, which took the MTO-Office by surprise).