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Michelin tells us that three of its retreads have been added to the SmartWay-verified technologies list and four are in the process of receiving verification. With that collection -- dual drive and trailer treads and wide-single drive and trailer treads -- Michelin will have full coverage in SmartWay retreads for over the road.

The three newly verified retreads are: the XT-1 AT Pre-Mold for trailer applications, and the XDA2 19 AT Pre-Mold and XDA2 23 AT Pre-Mold for drive-axle positions.

These four are said to meet SmartWay standards and have verification pending: X One XDA-HTTM Pre-Mold and XDA2 23 AT Custom-Mold for drive-axle use, and X One XTA Pre-Mold and XT-1 Custom Mold for trailer applications.

Michelin SmartWay-verified retreads are compliant with California Air Resources Board (CARB) greenhouse gas regulations for low-rolling-resistance tires, and the state will require SmartWay verification on retreads as of January 1, 2013.

Retreads represent about half of the tires on the road, incidentally, says Michelin.

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