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Stopping distance rule revision just around the corner?

Truck Talk
Volume 1 Number 19

NHTSA - the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration - has been talking for some time about a potential revision to the current stopping distance rule.  The revision would require either a 20 or 30 percent reduction in stopping distance for highway tractors, requiring OEMs to update stopping technology, and fleets to spec with the new rule in mind.  Though the revisions have been on the drawing board for quite a while, we haven't gotten any final word on what the exact details are or when they would come into play. 

We had a chance to catch up with Paul Johnson, Senior Director of Compression and Braking Units with Meritor WABCO Vehicle Control Systems in Troy, Michigan.

In this episode of Truck Talk, Paul joins Rolf to shed some light on where we are with the impending revised standard, and what the potential implications could be for the OEMs, as well as Canadian fleets and drivers, if the rule is imposed.

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