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Goodyear says better mileage is the key to its newest super single tire, designed for severe-duty, on/off-highway vocational applications.

The G278 MSD replaces Goodyear’s G178 Super Single and is said to provide enhanced mileage thanks to a one-inch larger footprint, deeper tread depth, and "special" compounding.

Available in 385, 425, and 445/65R sizes on 22.5 wheels, the G278 MSD sports a  rugged criss-cross tread design for off-road traction while also helping to pump away water from the tread for enhanced grip. The tread design is claimed to  offer a quiet ride while its full-width interlocking groove protectors help keep stones from imbedding and drilling into the tread.  Special compounding helps resist cuts, chips and tears, Goodyear says. The tire has 30/32-inch tread depth and a 68-mph speed rating.

To help keep operating costs low, the G278 MSD will come with matching retreads in three sizes, beginning in June. These precure retreads will feature the same tread design as well as tread depth as the original G278 MSD.

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Goodyear super single G278 MSD

Can i mount these tires on a white C500 Tri(A) winch tractor that is at Camex in Nisku, Alberta wait for me to land a ship so that I can buy it.
Why do people get so mad when told pre-pay for gas please does the gas cost more money?
TAC Cast-Iron Corporation
TP 05/16/11

how many workers are needed? did they find a place to stay at like motel or hotel?

We have had 8 i said EIGHT of the Goodyear Super Single 445/65R22.5 blow out on our cranes while driving. 6 of the tires where on cranes in Louisiana, 2 of the tires where on Brand new cranes in Texas. The tires were all under one year old. tires damaged fenders and air bags on the cranes.