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Trailcon Looks To New VP To Help Expansion

Transportation industry specialist Paul Merryweather joins Trailcon Leasing as VP of Service and Operations.

MISSISSAUGA, ON — After working a combined 31 years in operations management for Atripco Delivery Service and All-Ontario Transport Ltd, Paul Merryweather caught Trailcon Leasing’s eye and found himself in one of the company’s executive positions - VP service and operations.

"Paul arrived at just the right time," said Trailcon President Alan Boughton. "We are full steam ahead with expansion in the western provinces while keeping an eye on all the ways we can continue to improve our systems and therefore our service to customers."

Merryweather took the service and operations VP job in April, and quickly got to work. His first mission: improving communication and customer service by rolling out an upgraded mobile repair order system and getting involved with the company’s expansion plans.

“Our ongoing focus is to acquire more companies, as well as build more Trailcon locations,” Boughton said. "We will reach new markets and build market share where we already do business."

In February, Trailcon bought Calgary-based Hubs Trailer Service, which expanding Trailcon’s fleet support network and adding a 15,000-sq-ft, eight-bay facility. 

Trailcon's fleet now has 6,500 trailers and services companies such as ATS Healthcare, Canada Cartage and National Fast Freight.

"I have been following the success story of Trailcon since 1992," Merryweather said. "With current expansion across Ontario and to the west, I wanted play a role that would ensure that our operations support growth now and into the future."

Boughton commented: “A balanced approach, not just growth by acquisition, will allow us to reach business goals and improve service coast to coast." 

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