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TransCore: Canada Sees Freight Volumes Swell

TORONTO— Despite a marginal two percent increase in freight volumes from April to May this year, TransCore Link Logistics says Canadian freight volumes have increased a substantial 31-percent over the same period in 2013.

The company’s Canadian Freight Index collects and measures data and trends from about 5,000 Canadian trucking companies. TransCore’s Posting Index also contains both historical and real-time data and truck and load volumes.

Where the goods are coming from:

  • 69 percent of loads were cross-border 
  • 25 percent of loads travelled within Canada 
TransCore found that compared to last year, Canada sent 70-percent more loads to the U.S. and that the U.S. sent 10-percent more loads to Canada.
In May, most of the U.S. loads destined for Canada came from Ohio, Texas, California, Illinois and Pennsylvania. 

Where are the US loads going?

  • 57 percent to Ontario 
  • 21 percent to Western Canada 
  • 19 percent to Quebec 
  • Three percent to Atlantic Canada 

Where do the Canadian loads come from?

  • 42 percent from Western Canada 
  • 29 percent from Ontario 
  • 21 percent from Quebec 
  • Eight percent from Atlantic Canada 

Where do the Canadian loads unload?

  • 38 percent in Western Canada 
  • 35 percent in Ontario 
  • 24 percent in Quebec 
  • Three percent in Atalntic Canada

Which trucks are used?

  • 52 percent are dry vans 
  • 23 percent are reefers 
  • 18 percent are flatbeds 
  • Seven percent are other types
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