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TransForce-Owned Carrier Raises Driver Pay

EAGAN, MN — One of the U.S. branches of Canadian trucking giant TransForce, Transport America, has increased driver pay for all current and potential drivers.

Owner-operators will receive a two-cents per mile increase in pay, team drivers will receive a one- cent per mile increase and hazmat pay will increase by four cents per mile. Newly hired drivers can start as high as 40 cents per mile and drivers with more than four years of experience can start at 43 cents per mile.

The announcement comes after U.S. Xpress and Con-Way both announced driver pay increases

“The new pay structure keeps Transport America as a leader among industry pay and one of the first to increase pay among the larger fleets,” said Transport America CEO Scott Arves.

TransForce, which ranks number one on Today’s Trucking’s list of top 100 Canadian fleets, bought Transport America in June 2014 for $310-million. More recently, TransForce bought Contrans, which ranks 10th on Today’s Trucking’s top 100 fleet list, for $495 million in cash. 

Transport America employs over 1,600 drivers and serves local, regional, national and international clients.


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Some local drivers are making $29.00 per hour in sk with overtime after 10 hours a day. Many construction workers in ND. are making $25.00US. per hour so wages need to go up more yet.

wages need to increase another 10% and driver paid for all hours worked

TransForce is short at least 100 drivers or owner-ops and will lose more unless pay goes up to $.50 mile and owner-op pay to $1.27 plus a $.40 FSC a mile.

Great! US pay goes up, Canadian pay stays the same. Thank you Conservative government and the TFW!

TransForce, Challenger, Canada Cartage and Loblaws should not be able to bring in any TFWs for years or all the driver pay and treatment issues are resolved.