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Transport Canada Gives Boat-Tails Green Light

TORONTO, ON — Transport Canada gave boat tails the green light, so now it’s up to the provinces to set truck weights and dimension standards, the Canadian Trucking Alliance says.

In December 2013, Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 223 (CMVSS 223) published a regulation change that allows for more “boat tail” designs to be used by trucking companies once the provincial regulations are updated. That means that truckers can now use full length boat-tails, which are rear trailer aerodynamic devices that reduce drag and GHG emissions.

“It was always our understanding that once Transport Canada gave the green light, the provinces would respond in kind,” said CTA president and CEO David Bradley.

“Transport Canada has done its part, now it’s up to the provinces to respond as quickly as possible so the industry can begin taking advantage of this technology across the country.”

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